Tuesday, November 13, 2012


• Name & Name Meaning: Ushiko (cow)
• Gender: Female
• Age: 18
• Country of Origin: USA
• UTAU Series: N/A
• Voice Type: Soft, small
• Optimum Range: Between C4 and C5
• Encoding: Hiragana
• Aliases: yes
• Voicebank Type: CV
• Preconfigured OTO: Yes
• Appends/Multiple Banks:N/A
• Languages: Japanese
• Voicebank Download: here
• Voice examples: Melt | Love is War | Just Be Friends

  • Voicebank is free to use with credit to KiraMoo for voice and TheDrunkRecruit for the oto editing.
  • Voicebank is not to be used commercially without permission.
  • Feel free to draw art, create outfits, and make MMD models of her!  Details on that below.
    • The glowing parts on her gloves/shoes/collar/ears/horns/tail can change color or stop glowing.  The tail, ears, and horns must remain as they are a part of her identity.  She likes to wear shiny latex outfits and anything with cow spot prints.  She tends to be rather mellow in mood, cheerful in company but has a stubborn streak and a quick temper.
  • Use her for duets if you wish, men women, whoever!  As far as character, she looks up to Luka, if you want to play with that idea.  
  • I'd love to see what you make using her art/VB, but it's not required.  You may post anything you make however as a comment to this post or as a video reply to youtube.

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